Tootles & Wendy

From Jacksonville High School


It all started when…

In 2005 we made the decision to try to change Arts Education in our Community! We opened our productions up for local High School Students to participate in productions. It is known as the Youth Apprentice Program (YAP). Since that time we have seen more than 100 high school students on stage with our collegiate artists.

  • To participate, watch for auditions posted on our facebook page (link below)

  • Audition!

    • If you want to be considered for a role, do the whole audition process - usually sing, monolog, and dance.

    • If you want to only do chorus, just sing for us.

    • If you want to only dance Contact us and we will have you do the dance callback.

    • If you want to do tech work, contact us and we will arrange for an interview.

  • Contact: Dr. Nathan Wight